If the sky’s going to eat us then I would like to be digested into a million pieces

Sometimes you just need to change things up a bit.

This past holiday weekend I spent mostly alone.  I treated it as a normal weekend and ran my weekly errands of grocery shopping and cooking for the week.  I’m one of those people who find it difficult to cook everyday when I get home from work so I cook a large dinner for the week and keep it in the fridge to reheat in portions for the week.  The same goes for lunches.  I prepare something that I can just quickly toss together in the morning for both breakfast and lunch. 

This week I made a penne pasta salad with tomatoes, arugula, and feta along with buffalo chicken wraps for lunch.  On the same theme I mad a buffalo chicken lasagna for dinner with grilled asparagus.  And for breakfast a banana and a toasted whole wheat sandwich thin with Justin’s nut butter.  I actually got a bunch of different packets to try of the nut butter.  Well anyways I whipped all that up over the weekend. 

Since Monday was a holiday I was super bummed to remember that Life In Synergy was closed and I couldn’t take my normal 5:30 SFM Level 1 class.  I spent some time trying to figure out what other time slot I would take the class in and I had settled on Saturday morning when I read a tweet that Helena was subbing for Abs and Arms and Lean Legs on Sunday morning.  I immediately cancelled the Level 1 class and signed for the two 1 hour classes back to back on Sunday morning.  I mean how bad could it be?  And (the founder and owner of Life In Synergy) Helena’s classes are sold out for months.  When would I get an opportunity like this? 

Sunday was warm.  I wore a sweatshirt over my workout clothes and I didn’t get a block from  my apartment on my way to the T before I had to take it off.  And that was at 9am.  I got to class and Helena got right into it.  Wow what a workout.  There were definitely things that I had trouble doing.  It’s funny because when we got into the second class (which I thought was going to be easier for me than abs and arms- ha), Helena actually reassured us all with the thought that if everyone could do everything she taught she wouldn’t have a job.  It was a nice way to put things in perspective.  Just because you have trouble with something doesn’t mean you should give up.  Just try harder and eventually it will get a little easier (I never said easy just easier). 

Needless to say, my body was the good kind of sore yesterday and I hadn’t felt like that in a while from the Level 1 classes.  Which means either I’ve found a way to not do the workout effectively (aka cheat) or I’m just not getting enough out of it.  I think it’s a little of both.  Level 1 is one hour of full body.  Abs and arms is one hour of just abs and arms and Lean legs is one hour of just legs and butt.  Targeting a few muscle groups will ultimately force me to feel it.  And I find myself cheating a little in Level 1 now which isn’t worth it. 

My solution, mix it up.  Instead of taking 2 Level 1 classes a week I’ll take 1 Level 1 class and either Abs and arms or Lean Legs as a second class for the week (and if I’m feeling adventurous both for a total of 3 classes a week).  No pain no gain right.  🙂



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  1. Jim

    Justin’s Nut Butter? The jokes just write themselves.

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