Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger…

I’ve completely lost my mind folks.  I actually just said “I can’t wait for this work day to be over so I can go to class.”  Yes, invasion of the body snatchers, right here.  I am actually looking forward to working out in a class that at first made it painful to even walk.  After my first SFM Level 1 class (on a Thursday night), I had to spend an entire Saturday in tremendous pain not being able to walk.  I stayed in bed all day trying to stretch my gluteus medius out enough that I could walk with as little pain as possible to the bathroom or to get something to eat out of the kitchen.  And now I LOVE IT!!!

A little background on SFM and me.  A few years ago I was yelping at work looking for a place to work out.  I stumbled on this page for Life in Synergy.  I started reading the reviews which were all glowing so I decided to venture on to their website to do a little research as to what the heck this place was.  At that time they offered an eclectic mix of classes ranging from Zumba to Yoga to Pilates with only a few SFM classes mixed in. 

Synergistics Fitness Method or SFM is the method developed by the founder of Life In Synergy, Helena Collins.  After studying a plethora of fitness training methods, she sought a way to change the shape of her own body and to solve the problems that traditional workouts bring, in particular to women.  She states that it’s all about working smart not hard.  It shouldn’t be about beating yourself up. 

I started by trying out some Zumba classes, which I loved.  I also tried out some of the yoga and Pilates classes they offered but I really didn’t dig them at all.  The Yoga class I took was legitimately 65-75% downward dog.  My wrists were killing me and I felt like a wimp because everyone else in the class was fine with it.  The Pilates class I took was actually yogilates and it was pretty advanced.  I had an issue with the amount of bridge work being done and the fact that my hamstrings kept cramping up so I decided it wasn’t a good idea to continue.  So I continued with Zumba until the back pain started.  Zumba is a ton of fun but I found that my mid to lower back really hurt afterwards.  I thought maybe I needed a better, stronger sports bra so I went out and researched and spent almost $100 on one.  And I still had the back pain even though my chest didn’t move at all with that bra on.  So I stopped going. That was 2009. 

You all know what happened in 2010.  I joined a women’s gym and started running daily.  I started taking body pump and Pilates at the gym as well.  And then Graves Disease happened.  At one point in the summer of 2010 I remembered that I still had 6 credits left at Life In Synergy from the 10 pack I bought in 2009.  I decided to try a mat based class since I wasn’t allowed to do cardio.  And I chose SFM Butts and Guts.  Biggest mistake ever.  I was dying less than 5 mins into class.  Needless to say for days after the class it hurt to sit, stand, or lay down.  Everything hurt and I was mad at myself for it. 

Enter 2011 and I’m allowed to exercise again.  I went back to Life In Synergy’s website because I still had 5 credits left and to my surprise and delight, things had changed.  The site was revamped and the classes were mostly SFM classes now with a level one class offered.  Before it was difficult to get into any other SFM classes since they were always full.  I knew that was where I needed to start and promptly signed up.  And I’ve been going strong ever since. 

I have only been going on Thursday evenings to take SFM level 1 with Jenny.  Slowly the exercises don’t hurt as badly as they did in the beginning and I’m able to walk down the stairs without fearing I’m going to collapse and fall down them after class.  🙂  So this week I decided to turn it up a notch and *gasp* go twice a week.  So my new routine will be Mondays and Thursdays after work. 

And I actually want to go, I have fun in the class even in the 2lb weighted balls make my shoulders scream.  Lets be honest, when you’re nearing the end they feel like they weigh more like 20lbs.  I enjoy the class and I’m learning alot about my body and that I don’t need crazy fads to get what I want.  I may not have lost any weight yet but I am starting to feel stronger and I know its only a matter of time before I start to see a difference.  I’m still going to my gym a few days a week for cardio and weight training and as soon as I’m sure those pesky shin splints are no more I will continue my 10 k training again but I feel good about the plan and the progress. 

If you’d like to learn more about Life In Synergy and Helena Collins please check out the website which I have linked in this post above.  If you are in the Boston area, I encourage you to come and take a class or two and judge for yourself.  I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed. 

Happy Thursday!


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